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Are you ashamed and embarrassed?

Are you paralysed with fear?

I understand how you feel and I can help you. It is so important to find and hire an attorney who can really help you understand what your full range of options are to fight foreclosure.

Don’t let fear and embarrassment stop you from making the right decisions.

Why consider me? Because I have experience in foreclosure lawsuits represending the banks, representing the borrowers and representing businesses.

I have closed thousands of Mortgage Loans for Banks and worked years in the Title Insurance industry. I have an understanding of foreclosure lawsuits from the inside in a way that most attorneys i have met don’t.

This website is designed for the purpose of educating you so you may ask the necessary questions in order to save your home.

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*An in depth case evaluation is $300.

The $300 charge will be deducted from your first legal bill should you retain me as your attorney.